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Acoustic Furniture| Absorbing Sofa

A foldable sofa to reduce noice by the norwergian manufacturer hjelle.

Ein faltbares Sofa zur Geräuschreduktion für den norwegischen Hersteller LK Hjelle.

Design: Norway Says - Anderssen Engesvik, Voll & Homstvedt

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  1. DUO is incredibly easy to fold and un-fold. I had the pleasure to test it and think that this product will be great in busy lounges where some intimacy is needed. The fabrics are highly resistant. You can have both metal and wooden legs (this last one looks more scandinavian).
    As interior designer, you can choose to have one fabric colour in the inside and another on the back, which makes this space look more intimate.
    In Germany its available at www.nordic-studio.com