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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

James Goldsmith



Surface| Interacting Sculptures

"4D-Pixel is a smart surface which physically reacts to your voice, music and shows relievo letters. This interactive sculpture is a merging of electromagnetics, software and electronics. The dynamic of the wall is made of hundreds of pixels which react on the dynamic in soundfrequencies.

This way there is a direct relation between the human activity and the appearance of the surface; in this fusion between body and machine."

"Wind 3.0 exists out of hundreds of fibers which, through a merging of electronics and ventilators, move and interact with the visitor.

Wind 3.0 plays with the relation and differences between nature and technology. The hundred of ventilators stimulate this sensation straight to the skin; prepared to be blown away!"
..they say.

by Studio Roosegaarde >>

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