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Music Furniture| F4MH

"F4MH is a self contained micro-stage, performance space and sound-system.

It is an instrument for exploring the vocal range of any human being and is designed for both accomplished vocalists and total musical novices.
A microphone, joystick and sound horns are built into a comfortable lounge chair which houses an audio processing brain. Minute movements of the joystick add vibrant and complex musical effects to the voice, which can be played with freely or mastered with delicate precision.
A player is encouraged to hide behind the microphone and talk, whisper, breathe, wail, sing and explore the vocal chords in ways they would never attempt in normal vocal communication, producing an immersive and heightening experience.
It was designed and created in conjunction but not exclusively for Yamaha Japan and will be exhibited and performed at
FUTURESONIC FESTIVAL 2009 www.futuresonic.com"

Design by Vahakn Matossian

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