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Acoustics| Bone Structure

Using bone conduction, a technology developed for hearing devices, the "touched echo" installation in Dresdon transmits sounds of the cities devastating 1945 carpet bombing through the visitors arms when they rest their elbows on the balustrade and hold their ears. Several custom made sound conductors mounted to the railing send sounds of the airplanes and bombs exploding through vibrations, it's completely silent unless you touch the rail.

"touched echo" is a minimal medial intervention in public space. The visitors of the Brühl's Terrace (Dresden, Germany) are taken back in time to the night of the terrible air raid on 13th February 1945. In their role as a performer they put themselves into the place of the people who shut their ears away from the noise of the explosions. While leaning on the balustrade the sound of airplanes and explosions is transmitted from the swinging balustrade through their arm directly into into the inner ear (bone conduction).

found via core77
touched echo
Performative Installation
By Markus Kison
03.10.2007 - 31.10.2008
Brühlsche Terrrasse, Dresden

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