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Music Furniture| Experimental "Inside The Rocket" Sound Chair

Nelly Ben Hayoun is a new graduate of the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art. His work deals with The Physics of the Impossible, as described below:

The Physics of The Impossible is about contemporary physics, at the crossroads between science and science fiction, testing our perceptions about reality and scientific potential. This interstitial space has the potential to engage our imagination, inspire dreams and extreme experimentations.
Here, you are the hobbyist-amateur maker who decides the possible, the believable, and the alternative. You are the astronaut in the living room, generating dark energy from pigeons' eggs in the kitchen and colliding atoms in the bathroom...

The star piece in this series is the Soyuz Chair, pictured above. Designed in collaboration with Astronaut Jean Pierre Haignere, this La-Z-Boy style recliner recreates either the full 10 minutes or the last 240 seconds of the Soyuz Rocket lift-off, depending on your input into a small control panel embedded in the armrest.
Other pieces include Dark Energy in the Kitchen Sink and From Two Pigeon Eggs Will be Born Dark Energy, two attempts at recreating Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir's Dark Matter experiments at a much smaller scale.

THE Soyuz Chair at SHUNT- july 2009-nelly ben hayoun from nelly on Vimeo.

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