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Material| Echo Panel

EchoPanel is produced from recycled and recyclable PET (approximately 60% post consumer waste sourced from recycled PET). It is manufactured in a way that no waste is created. Source fibre that is not transformed into useful product is collected and re-used i.e. post industrial recycling.

There are 2 standard sizes. 12mmx2400mmx1200mm and 7mmx2700mmx1200mm. There is also a tile system available in boxes of 10 x 7mmx500mmx500mm. The material can be fixed by nail, screw or glue.

It is a finished design surface in itself and it is engineered for floor to ceiling wall installations to suit standard wall dimensions. EchoPanel is an ideal base to print on.

Found via materia.nl
Manufacturer: http://www.wovenimage.com

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